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Final Project Proposal: Story-Telling Chatbot

What is the specific area you are working within?
I am working on a chatbot. That means my project involves word relations, mimicking human behavior, and of course AI.

What is it that you would like to learn about it?
I would like to learn more about conversational patterns and how chatbots like Cleverbot generate the Eliza Effect.

Why is this interesting to you?

I am always looking to expand my knowledge on AI, as well as programming in general. Besides that, I have an interest in the psychology behind the Eliza Effect.

Why should other people care?
Eventually, technology like this could be used to generate games that are a truly interactive experience, telling a story that is not preset but changes on every playthrough.

What are the practical applications of this topic?
See above.

What is the closest example (researched from the web) of what you want to build or investigate?
Two story-telling chatbots that have been built in the past are Tale-Spin and Racter.

What do I want to accomplish? (For example…)
I want to create a chatbot capable of holding conversation and telling a human user about its “experiences” (the stories it generates).

Building a demo/prototype/interactive experience?
Collecting a set of foundational psuedocode/approaches?
Creating a way to teach or explain it to others?
Pooling together a set of current cutting edge research in this area?
Any or all of the above?

My order set of steps I plan to take to accomplish it?
I plan to first outline the program in pseudocode. Then, I will gather phrases, subjects, places, verbs etc. for the prototype to utilize. After that I will work on actually coding the program, getting user input straight from the command-line to save time on making a frontend.
Foreseeable obstacles?
Generating stories that actually make sense.
What tools am I using?

Java, resources found online.



Wrote a program that visually represents a bubble sort.

Procedural Literacy

Procedural literacy the ability to understand non-static systems like interactive programs and AI. It is especially important in this age when the usage of computers has become relatively widespread and interest in interactive AI is beginning to increase.