I began this blog to document my forays into the vast world of computer programming, and thereby keep a record of my progression through the years. However, it has since then developed into a platform for me to share what I have learned and to reach out to others with similar interests, allowing everyone an opportunity to exchange ideas and gain new perspective.

Although the contents of this blog can easily lead you to believe otherwise, my interests are widely varied. One major interest of mine is, of course, programming. Inside the field of programming, I am particularly interested in the making of video games. More specifically, the interactive aspect of video games and their potential for storytelling. In fact, my current topic of study is story generation: how does one get a machine to tell a story? and how can that story metamorphose when a user is able to alter story elements at will?

Which brings me to my second major interest: writing. I write. Quite a bit. Unfortunately, despite four or five failed attempts, I have not managed to finish a novel (well; technically I have, but it was more of a novella in length and really not very good at all). My strength appears to lie in short stories, of which I have completed several. Although I have only been writing for a little over two years, I have soaked myself in plotting advice and character creation sheets and overall just story analysis (what makes a good scene? a good character? What is the difference between premise and plot? And so on) that I feel I have a firm grip on the art of storytelling.

My previously professed interest in the game industry comes as no surprise, really, considering my two major interests. Video games are a seamless marriage of programming and storytelling, where each twines around the other and enhances them: the interactivity provided by the programming gives the story a new level of depth, and the driving force of the story gives the game a compelling nature that urges players to play on in a way that a game like Pac-Man cannot.

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